Life Insurance / Total Permanent Disable

LIFE Insurance

Life may be full of uncertainties but you can safeguard yourself and your loved ones’ future with adequate protection. 

Discover how our life insurance and family takaful plans are tailored to your different needs – from term life insurance, investment-linked insurance to whole life insurance. 

A-Life Ikthtiar Child Solution

A-Plus PayorExtra

A-Plus Payor & A-Plus PayorCI

A-Plus Disability Cash

A-LifeSecure & A-Life TimeSecure


A-LifeLink 2

A-Life Wealth Premier

A-Life Wealth Builder

A-Life SuperJunior

A-Life Legasi

A-Life Kasih Famili

A-Life Joy Xtra

A-Life Infinite

A-Life Ikthtiar

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