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Assurance for your home and contents


Why would I need PCS?

The majority of basic home insurance plans only cover your home structure,
but not what's inside it.


PCS is home insurance that covers inside and outside your home.

PCS gives you comprehensive insurance that covers you from almost all risks.

PCS covers you, your home and its contents, and your belongings.

PCS gives you peace of mind for your home contents and belongings, anytime, anywhere.


With PCS, you also get worldwide coverage for your belongings when you take them out of your home or when you go travelling with them*.

If you can't stay at home because it's been damaged by fire, flooding, or theft, PCS will pay for your hotel expenses.

If you want to, PCS can also cover all of your jewellery*.


*Terms & Conditions apply


Who needs PCS?



Homeowners living in homes they own can use PCS to cover their home structure, its contents, and any belongings they might bring in and out of their home.


Landlords can use PCS to cover the home structure and contents they have in properties they want to rent out, such as furniture, electrical appliances, etc.


Renters can use PCS to cover their home contents and any belongings they might bring in and out of their home.


How much does PCS cost?


PCS is more affordable than you might think.

For example, if you own a 2 bedroom condo with your significant other, you can get:


*Indicated price excludes 6% Service Tax

Do I get any other benefits?

18 Complimentary Covers

PCS gives you 18 unique complimentary benefits, including:


Additional Living Expenses

Credit Cards and Forgery

Coin, Medal and Stamp Collections


Food Spoilage

Disability Costs

Tree Removal



To see all 18 benefits, read our Product Disclosure Sheet.

AIG Home Assist

With every PCS plan comes our 24/7 nationwide home assistance.

Make a call and we will find experts to solve your home problems. We take care of:

Electrical Repair



Cooking Gas Delivery


Pest Control

General Home Repair


Home Cleaning


Get covered with AIG Home Insurance

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